I have had the good fortune to work with some great people on a wide variety of projects where a bit of inventiveness was required. So when it comes to describing the services I provide, I can make a list as I have done on the Home Page but much of what we do is actually bespoke. I guess this is because our starting point is to look at the business issue that needs addressing and develop an innovative solution for it, rather than to reach for a stock product. Here are a four of my favourite success stories as examples.

Oil & Gas Exploration

If you are not in the Oil and Gas industry, you might not be aware of the extent to which the companies involved work in various forms of joint venture and contractual partnership. One project we worked on had two international oil and gas giants working together to exploit a major gas field off the coast of West Africa. As well as needing to work together effectively, they also needed to work effectively with the West African Government in question, who in turn was required to meet the requirements of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. At one level, this looks like a business process engineering project to design an assurance framework and to agree the resulting communication protocols. That might have ticked the box but actually there was also a need to develop effective partnership working; to change attitudes and behaviours amongst some of the key players; to provide individual coaching to help leaders do something that they hadn't done before; and to ensure that new recruits and contractors were on the same page. We also needed to do a fair bit of writing - something that we do for a good number of our clients and quite well apparently. This capability probably stems from my background in marketing communications. 

Pharmaceutical companies have had to transform the way they get their prescription drugs to market. Basically, they are not allowed to sell. This client specialises in a particular medical condition and needed to find new ways to connect with the clinicians in that field. We therefore developed a Change Leadership programme for those clinicians that supported the development of their service in line with the NHS Agenda. So, part strategic change management consulting, part leadership development and part personal coaching and development planning. All to help the Clinicians, individually and collectively to drive radical performance improvement in their service and so better care for patients at less cost, while at the same time improving understanding of why the sponsor's drug treatments should be first choice. Not your everday leadership development programme!

We have a good number of stories from our work in the NHS. I have chosen this one because it illustrates our strength in working with Senior Clinicians and designing programmes needing to deliver radical change in line with the plans to deliver a high quality, sustainable health service at costs consistent with that sutainability. The task was to assess eight senior clinicians being appointed to new clinical leadership roles as the hospital moved to a more empowered and commercial structure to achieve quality and sustainability. So at first sight an assessment exercise. However, the issue here is not just to select the right people, there is also a need to develop a common understanding of what clinical leadership actually looks like when done well and what the impact of its introduction has on the rest of the organisation. So we needed to blend in some change management input on how to achieve the business goals. This meant doing some coaching alongside the assessment exercise and provide some practical advice on how the rest of the organisation can develop a culture and a process that will enable the empowered structure to realise its potential. And to meet the budget contraints - all done by Skype, FaceTime, telephone and email!

The client was a membership body and probably the only independent voice for all sport and recreation in the UK. With cuts in Treasury funding and greater public accountability it was time to review its strategy and to achieve whatever change would be needed to implement it. Sounds like a straightforward strategic change management assignment until analysis of the issues revealed a wide variety of view across a large Board, made up of senior figures from across the sporting landscape and an equaly wide variety of view amongst the Executive body. So the way we approached the strategy review needed, at the same time, to do an engagement job to align the Board and the Executive both within and between them. It was also necessary to interweave this with some development input - through workshops and coaching to help key people get a handle on how to develop and implement change strategy. Needless to say, there were a few tensions to manage along the way.



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