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Welcome to Banana Park


I set up Banana Park as a creative consultancy helping clients to develop new ways of joining up "where do we want to be as a business?" with "what kind of organisation will we need to get there?"


A range of services that puts Marketing and Organisation Design and Development into a blender so that we connect how we develop our people to the difference it will make for our customers. And we link the expectation we create in the marketplace with the reality of the experience of dealing with our people. The outcome is that we up the performance of the business through the way we lead, manage and develop our people.


Performance doesn't improve unless we do things differently, so the other ingredient to go in the blender is change management. Change not just in what we do but in the way we do it - process and behaviour.


Being the top performer - the winner - means doing something that none of us have done before. So we need to work with our clients creatively to do things that, while based on our know how and experience, take us into new territory. Yesterday's solutions won't be good enough.


So that's Banana Park - somewhere where we haven't been before to do something we haven't done before, simply and quickly! All to take our performance, individually as leaders and collectively as an organisation to a new level, ahead of the game!


David Halliday - Founder, Banana Park Consulting LLP

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New Coaching Ideas

The more coaching I do the more I believe we need to be flexible about how we use it. In sport, different athletes and teams have different goals and different ways of upping their game. So in business, the same variety of personality, situation, performance goals and issues - all mean that coaching needs to adapt to the performer, not the performer to adapt to the coaching methodology.


Then there is the budgetary question. Traditional, minimum six sessions formulae lead many to shy away from, or to ration the use of coaching for development, even when it is the ideal way to go. How can we provide coaching more cost effectively to bring it to more people - not just the Senior Executive, but the Rookie?


So we have developed a range of coaching solutions to meet different needs and budgets, using mixes of short and full sessions, situational support, skype, email and group sessions.


As with everything in Banana Park, the first question is what are you trying to achieve and how can we come up with a creative strategy for achieving it? So get in touch if you are interested in a more flexible approach to coaching.

Our Services

Performance Consulting

 - Strategic Change Management

 - Organisation Development

 - Employee Engagement & Support


Performance Assessment

 - Assessment & Development Centres

 - Recruitment & Selection

 - Organisational Performance Analysis


Performance Development

 - Leadership & Management Development

 - Coaching & Performance Advice

 - Talent Management


Your Performance "Cocktail"

Whatever mix of our performance         services meet your needs of the moment


What is Clinical Leadership?

There's a fair bit of jargon flying around in healthcare as in most sectors. "Clinical Leadership" is one, "Patient Centricity" is another one and then there's "Integrated Care". We think it would be useful for those trying to reinvent the health service into something that the nation can afford into the future to determine what, in their part of the system, these terms actually mean and how to make them work in practice. 


In particular, what do they mean people will need to do differently? What does being a Clinical Leader in the new world actually mean and how does it differ from how we have understood it in the past? Aren't we all in healthcare because we care about patients - so what does patient centricity mean and how does it add to the quality of what we do?


We have been working extensively in healthcare and believe we can help to decypher this language to create ways for turning new concepts into practical solutions that all involved can understand and apply.